Przegląd gier zgłoszonych na konkurs 2016 C64 4kb Game Coding Competition magazynu Reset. Gameplay i mini recenzje mini gier.WSPARCIE:

Gramy w gry:
– Goblin by Pond
– Super Ski by Pond, Privy Software
– Lumberjack by Megastyle, Protovision
– Dog by Pond, Privy Softwar
– Winky Blinky by Pond, Privy Software
– Attack of the Mutant Cabbages by Anthony Stiller
– Granny’s Teeth by The New Dimension
– Rise and Shine Professor Miggles by Paulko64
– Bonkey Kong by Pond, Privy Software
– I Am the Flashing C64 Cursor by Pond, Privy Software
– Zombie Massacre by Saul Cross, Wanax
– Antarctica by Antarctica

Wszystkie gry: